Gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John

taught by  Marion Henderson

These college lessons were recorded live in the classroom sometime in the early 1970's

and were formatted for a 30 minute daily radio broadcast.   PDF of the class line up

1 Introduction, comparisons, purpose for writing, Gnosticism 44 First retirement period, feeding the 5000
2 Gnosticism, John's defense, Jesus role, 7 miracles and symbols, genealogies 45 Jesus the Bread of Life
3 Genealogies, problems between Matthew and Luke, birth narratives, John the Baptist 46 Jesus shifts His emphasis from the multitudes to the emptiness of tradition
4 Birth narrative, John the Baptist, beginning of Luke's birth narrative 47 Differences between feeding of the 4000 and feeding of the 5000, Jesus' response to the Jews request for a sign of His Messiahship
5 Arrival in Bethlehem, Visit of the wise men, Jesus in Nazareth, trip to Jerusalem 48 Peter's confession of Jesus as Messiah
6 18 year period of silence, Jesus' growth, the ministry of John 49 Cross bearing, the transfiguration and events afterward, the potentiality of faith
7 John's ministry, preach of repentance 50 Paying the Temple tax, the greatest in the kingdom, responsibility for a brother's sin
8 John's ministry, John's prophecy of Christ, Jesus' baptism 51 The Christian's responsibility for a brother's sin, the Christian's responsibility to forgive
9 Jesus' baptism, Christian baptism, Jesus' temptations 52 Service to Christ has top priority
10 Jesus' temptations 53 Service to Christ must have top priority, Jesus refuses to go to Judea prematurely, Jesus rejected by the Samaritans, feast of the tabernacles
11 Jesus' temptations 54 Feast of the tabernacles, the woman taken in adultery
12 Jesus' temptations, calling of Nathaniel, Jesus' miracle at Cana, water into wine 55 Jesus, the light of the world, the woman taken in adultery, an attack on the Pharisees' sin
13 Miracle at Cana, water into wine 56 The healing of the blind man on the Sabbath
14 1st Cleansing of the Temple, Nicodemus 57 Healing of the blind man, parable of the Good Samaritan
15 Nicodemus 58 Good Samaritan, Jesus visits Martha and Mary, conflict with the Pharisees over external religion
16 End of John the Baptist's ministry, John 3:16, Jesus at the well 59 Man is always under God's surveillance, the foolishness of putting stock in possessions, Jesus warns the Jews of impending destruction at the hands of Rome
17 1st healing of the Nobleman's son, Jesus teaching in synagogue in Nazareth 60 Parable of the Prodigal Son
18 Jesus cast out of Nazareth, intro to Galilean ministry, purpose of fishermen, healing of demoniac, healing of leper 61 Parables of Stewardship
19 Healing, calling of Matthew 62 The Christian's concept of Service, The raising of Lazarus
20 Issue of fasting and Jewish ceremonial-ism, Jesus' healing a lame man on the Sabbath plucking grain on the Sabbath 63 Raising of Lazarus, reaction of religious leaders
21 Healing of a man with a withered hand 64 Jesus' healing of 10 lepers, the nature of Jesus' second coming, tenacity in praying and humility in praying
22 Sermon on the Mount, The Beatitudes 65 Child-like faith, the cost of discipleship
23 Sermon on the mount, beatitudes 66 Cost of discipleship, rewards of discipleship
24 Sermon on the mount, salt of the earth, city on a hill 67 The parable of the vineyard, the story of Zaccheus
25 Sermon on the mount, marriage and divorce 68 Zaccheus, beginning of Jesus' last public ministry, the triumphant entry
26 Sermon on the mount, marriage and divorce 69 Prophecy of destruction of Jerusalem, curing the fig tree, second cleansing of the temple, Jesus' prophecy of His death
27 Sermon on the mount, marriage and divorce, issue of oaths 70 Parable of the vineyard owner
28 Sermon on the mount, "an eye for and eye", Jesus teaches about revenge and meeting a brother's need 71 Nature of Jesus' Kingdom, Jesus' teaching on paying taxes, marriage in heaven
29 Sermon on the mount, love for one's brother, alms giving 72 Jesus' derision of the scribes and Pharisees
30 Sermon on the mount, attitude in praying, the Lord's prayer 73 Jesus' derision of the scribes and Pharisees, incident of the Widow's mites, Jesus foretelling of destruction of Jerusalem
31 Sermon on the mount, prayer 74 Foretelling of destruction of Jerusalem, His (Christ's) return
32 Sermon on the mount, fasting, danger of divided service 75 Foretelling of destruction of Jerusalem, His (Christ's) return
33 Sermon on the mount, deciding priorities, danger of divided service, false trust, seek the Kingdom first 76 The parables concerning the coming the Christ
34 Sermon on the mount, judging 77 The parable of the talents
35 Sermon on the mount conclusion 78 The parable of the talents, parable of the sheep and the goats
36 Healing of Centurion's servant, Jesus' rely to John the Baptist's questions concerning His Messiah-ship 79 Judas' betrayal of Jesus, preparations of the Last Supper, the criteria for greatness in the Kingdom of God
37 Jesus' assessment of John's ministry, the unpardonable sin 80 Jesus' washing the disciples feet, the Last Supper
38 The unpardonable sin 81 Jesus' institution of the Last Supper
39 The parable of the sower 82 Jesus' experience in the Garden of Gethsemane
40 Matthew 13, parable of the tares 83 Jesus' experience in the Garden of Gethsemane
41 Jesus calms the tempest 84 Jesus' experience in the Garden of Gethsemane
42 Healing of the Garesene Demoniac 85 Jesus' arrest and trial, Peter's denial, Judas' suicide
43 Raising of Jairus' daughter, healing, Jesus' trial and crucifixion the woman in the crowd, Jesus' last visit to Nazareth, beheading of John the Baptist 86 Jesus' trial and crucifixion